Friday, October 31, 2008

Stay tuned...

After my dumpster diving experience post, I've had a couple of people to want more details. So keep an eye out and I'll give them to y'all within a day or so. I'm having a garage sale tomorrow, so I'll be busy preparing for that. I'll have some things in there for sale that I found in the store dumpster's too. ;)

Program Review: Swagbucks


I'm not much for the search engines that you have a chance to win a prize. I don't know why, maybe if I won something good, I would be "turned on" to it. However, while perusing through a message board, I saw someone with a link to Swagbucks in their signature. I had never heard of it so I had to check it out of course.

If you like Mypoints, then you'll like Swagbucks. They are alike in that you earn points or bucks, and then get to cash them in for a prize. They have good prizes to choose from, or swag as they like to call it. It is majorly a search engine, but you can also earn swagbucks by shopping and recycling your unused cell phones.

Here's what I've found so far. You can win at least once a day by searching and it usually only takes a few searches to do so. Sometimes, I'll do a couple of searches and if I don't win any swagbucks, I'll wait a while and come back later. Generally I do my searches there until I win, and then go back to good ole Google. I'm really liking it so far and have 175 Swagbucks to date. I haven't cashed in for a prize yet, so I don't know how fast they are with redemption. Whether you love or hate search engines that promise prizes, you should definitely give Swagbucks a chance.


-Good reward selection
-Guaranteed at least 1 Swagbuck per day
-Very similar to Mypoints in many ways
-Several options for earning your Swagbucks


-Swagbucks may take some time to accrue
-Since I haven't redeemed my bucks yet, I'm not sure how fast they are with sending your prize
-May have to do a bit of searching to win for the day (break it up though if you don't win immediately)


I give this program an 8 out of 10

If you are interested in signing up for Swagbucks or checking it out further, click here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I took the plunge...literally!

So I finally found someone with big steely balls to come dumpster diving with me. As you'll recall, I wrote a post about the next generation of dumpster divers a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to experience this myself and write about the results.

Well, I can say this for sure...many useful items are being trashed and wasted. Our biggest producers so far have been the K(mart), G(oodwill), and L(owes). What did we find you ask? "Lots!" I answer. K(mart) had many NIP items that were on clearance that they just tossed instead of marking down further or donating. We found snacks (which tasted just fine by the way), Cars birthday party hats, baby wash, lysol spray, napkins, t-shirt, make-up, headbands, a pack of diapers, and I could go on and on.

At G(oodwill), we found vhs tapes, knick knacks (perfect for yard sales), a stroller, and some toys. Remember, they are no longer accepting toys and strollers because of recalls so it goes straight to the dump. So for the love of pizza, please don't donate any of that to G(oodwill) or its going straight in their dumpster and I have proof. LOL

Perhaps my biggest score so far was at L(owes) and I almost didn't see it. It's just a $250 microwave that you can use as a convection oven and grill too. Apprarently, it would start smoking on the convection function. After the hubby took a look at it, he noticed it was only some oil or grease on the heating coil and after it burned off, it didn't smoke anymore. Here is a picture of my prized treasure find:


So far the hubby has cooked 2 whole chickens and a shoulder of ham in it. If this doesn't convince you I don't know what will. Also at L(owes), we found packs of the expensive energy saving lighbulbs with one broken bulb in the pack but the rest of them in the packs were just fine. Why oh why do we live in such a wasteful society? I'll keep you updated on my finds. Unfortunately, L(owes) moved their dumpster so it may be a while before I am able to find some bangin' stuff there again. :( I will keep on keeping on though!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry for my absence. I have been dedicating my time to finishing the house...getting it organized and completely unpacked. Almost there! I've also been focusing on my weight loss. It is a slooooow process. And don't you just hate PMS time? I'm all bloatey shmoatey so the scales were not friendly this morning. My plan over the next few weeks is to incorporate my blog into this process, but for the moment, the house and my goals to organize and lose weight have to come first. Thanks for your patience as I try to do a complete 360 on my life. LOL

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Easy Peasy Inexpensive Butterfly Valance

My toddler gal's room theme is flower fairy princess. I decided on this because we can incorporate a lot into the theme (flowers, butterflies, fairies) and therefore save money in the decoration process. We moved into this house about a month ago and I am still working on the finishing touches to her decor.

I was in the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago and saw these cute fairy wings that looked just like butterflies. A light bulb came on and I thought to myself, "These would make great wall decorations for Grace's room". And you know you can't beat the $1 each price. Needless to say, my idea evolved as I laid in bed that night tossing and turning. I swear I get some of my best and creative ideas as I'm lying in bed.

The idea evolved into making a butterly valance. I had been on the lookout for a couple of cute valances for her room, so why not give this a try? I did a trial run on a tacky gold curtain rod I already had and it was a piece of cake. (Got glitter all over our bed and DH thought I had been out raving behind his back hehe) Yesterday, I finally settled on those mega cheapo metal curtain rods. The total cost for this butterfly valance was $6. Here are the results along with how I attached them to the rod.

Here is a pic of the attachment. I put it on just like you would put a ponytail holder in your hair:


All three attached:


The finished product:


I think it turned out pretty cute and you can't beat the price. :o)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A big thank you and some feedback requested

I would first like to thank Tightwad Mommy from Kizoodle and Laurie at Tip Junkie for spreading the word about my Random Acts of Kindness Christmas project.

Next, I'd like to know if I need to change anything. I noticed no one has signed up nor shown interest, so I want to make sure I haven't confused anybody. Please let me know if I need to change anything.

If you're having a hard time thinking of what you could offer or don't want to pay a lot for shipping, how about gift cards? They only take one stamp. Or some packs of stickers for someone to give their little one as a stocking stuffer would also be cheap to ship. 2 stamps at the most.

Anywho, I'm open to feedback and constructive criticism not only to the RAOK Christmas project but also my blog as a whole. Let me know if you have any suggestions, tips, or a frugal subject you would like for me to blog about.

Thanks so much and I appreciate every single one of you who take the time to stop by and visit.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do you use SmartSource coupons?

Check out CouponBabe's blog post about bringing a letter with you if your retailer refuses to take them.

I thought that was very interesting! I myself am slowly trying to use more coupons. But that is another post all in itself. I will say I have never printed coupons to use at the grocery store, but I know a lot of you do. I will be writing my view on coupons very soon, so stay tuned. (Hey, that last sentenced rhymed!)

Random Acts of Kindness - Christmas

I would love, love, love (don't make me say it again :P) for everyone with a blog to participate in this. With the economy being so hard on so many of us right now, I thought it would be nice to help someone with at least one Christmas gift. I, myself, have quite a few things that are brand new, never used, and would make someone else a great present. The problem is that the items I have for gift giving wouldn't be good for the persons I give gifts to each year. So why not let someone else give them to a person they love and therefore, helping them kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Bird 1 = finding a present for someone.
Bird 2 = saving a little money in the process.
Stone = your best friend.

Ok, here is how it will work:

Step 1: Make a post on your blog and link to this post so your readers can find out about the program.

Step 2: In your post, list item(s) you have to offer and any stipulations with shipping. (yes, you will be paying for the shipping...this is a RAOK all the way round.) For example, if you can only ship in the lower U.S. states, please indicate so.

Step 3: Put your name and link to your blog post in the Mr. Linky's box below. (This is very important. It is essential for people to view offers and maybe even get some ideas!)

We can keep this going until close to Christmas. Be sure to mark your offered items claimed when they find new homes and edit your post if you want to add a new item in a few weeks or as often as you'd like. The more the better!

I will keep this blog either stickied or constantly linked to. :) Also, make sure your readers know the way you would prefer to be contacted if they are interested in any of your items.

For the lookers, please only request items that will definitely make a great gift for a loved one in your life. And if you can participate to "pay it forward", please do. Blessing others, blesses you. It's good for the soul and faith in humanity.

Givers, remember...It's better to help someone who doesn't need it, than not to help someone who does.

Let's get this thing rolling! I'll start. Click on the mail image to contact me. :)

My Offer Gift List

~New Beth Moore "Get Out of that Pit" book

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creative Recycling: What to do with leftover/unwanted baby cereal

I'm sure many of us had kiddos that absolutely refused to eat baby cereal. My daughter was one of them. No matter what kind of cereal it was, or what I mixed it with, she would not eat it. I had about 3 full boxes and I wound up giving them away.

I saw this post today from calebs_mommy at Kizoodle, and I just had to share. I thought it was an awesome idea.

GREAT Idea...what to do with all that left over baby cereal

My son never ate this stuff...and I had tons of boxes of it. I
found a website called that gives a great recipe for baby
cereal pancakes

These are whole wheat and delicious and so good for your
little one. You're able to use 2 cereals at once. I also used blueberries with
it instead of the banana. I've made them many times and will continue till all
of my baby cereal is gone.

Be sure to add the 1 tablespoon of baking
powder per 1 cup suggest this at the bottom of the page and is not
included in the recipe...but makes them fluffy and not that spongy texture.

ENjoy!! My son is 12 months and still loves them!!

Go to and search for baby cereal pancakes. A big round of applause for calebs_mommy everyone!