Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday Night Dive Report

So I've recruited another PIC and 3 of us went out scavaging last night. Here is what we found:

-K(Mart): Lots of Halloween costumes and items. Just grabbed a bunch of stuff and left leaving some behind. I guess we'll sell or donate them. I'm not sure yet.

-B(ig) L(ots): Expired baby cereal, and a couple of bags of the suckiest tasting generic cheetos I've ever had. Also, a plastic storage container with a small crack in it but still very usable. Lastly, a very nice ceramic plant holder with the broken piece inside making it a super easy fix.

We found nothing else at the other locations. :( Overall, it was an ok night.


angeljoy said...

I had a sneaking suspision about those "cheeto-s". :]

Anonymous said...

OMG you are awesome. I never thought of this. My husband is laughing at me and comparing our upbringings ;) but heck, I have no problem with this if they throw that kind of stuff away!

Ariel said...

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