Sunday, October 7, 2007

Halloween Costumes: A different idea

As Halloween approaches, you see the typical save money ideas for costumes and such. I wanted to throw one more suggestion in the pot.

How about wearing the same costume from the previous year? We'll actually be doing just that for this Halloween. Luckily, the kids are still able to fit into their costumes from last year which was Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. (We vacationed in Neverland just so the kids wouldn't grow much and we could save money by not having to buy costumes this year *hehe)

Now, I know this is not always an option that will work. Kids do grow and so do their mouths in which they will argue that they are no longer into the Power Ranger thing and Transformers is the happening costume this year. Then I say is the time to get crafty and peruse the spare materials you have lying around and see what cool costume you can come up with. Until then, just let them wear the same costume from the year before if they can. Look at it as a 2-for-1 deal.

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