Monday, November 12, 2007

Heads Up: Goodwill Outlet Stores

I've just heard about these today. The Goodwill Outlet is much cheaper than the regular Goodwill stores. Items like clothes are sold by the pound.

The following is from the Indiana Goodwill site:

Clothing, accessories, housewares and toys:
$1.39 per pound for 0-19 pounds
99 cents per pound for 20-49 pounds
59 cents per pound for 50 pounds or more

Glassware and dishware:
59 cents per pound

Books and media:
Hardback Books – 50 cents each
Paperback Books – 25 cents each
Coloring Books, Magazines, Comics, Wall Calendars – 25 cents each
Records – 50 cents each
8-Tracks, Videotapes, CDs – $1 each
DVDs – $2 each

All other outlet store merchandise is priced as marked.
All Goodwill Outlet Store merchandise is sold as-is. No refunds or exchanges.

Bestill my beating heart! The only drawback is that there aren't many of these outlet stores yet. When I googled Goodwill Outlet Store, it came up with results in big cities like Nashville, Seattle, Indianapolis, etc. But hopefully the number will increase and those of us who don't live near major metropolitan areas, will have a chance to experience a Goodwill Outlet shopping trip!


Meredith said...

Our Nashville Goodwill-by-the-pound just changed to a per-piece price--50 cents for each article of clothing.

This means that baby clothes and the silk blouses I used to buy now cost more; balanced by the fact that heavy wool sweaters and coats now cost less.

Melanie said...

That stinks although I guess it's still pretty good. I wonder why they changed. Thanks for that info Meredith! :o)

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I used to work at a Goodwill, but I haven't had a chance to run by the outlet store yet (here, we call them Blue Hangar stores). I think the prices are just amazing, and I'm going to try and run by one soon!

Melanie said...

If you do, you must share your finding with us please! Let us live vicariously through you. LOL

Anonymous said...

I live in Twin Falls in Idaho. We have a Salvation Army Thrift store. All the clothes in the store are $1. It is so great. I try to run in there once a week. It is so great. Claudia

Jenny said...

I love the Goodwill but have never heard of the outlet. I'll have to go to their site and see if one is near me!


donna said...

i have had the opportunity to visit the goodwill outlet. it is not for the faint of heart. you have to be a die hard thrifter to enjoy this adventure! so if you don't mind getting a little dirty and digging in a little bit of everything, grab a pair of gloves and jump in. p.s. this is no place for children. even though they are present they are not usually being watched. things sometimes are broken and leaking fluid. also, there are unwritten rules to abide by so stand back and watch what goes on or ask one of the "regulars" questions.

Anonymous said...

The Goodwill As Is Surplus Store is just a world within itself here in Hawaii. It's quite amazing what comes in from donations. Things are sold in BULK! And I mean, BULK, BULK, BULK! They have these big black containers, they call bins and you can get one of these bins full of clothing for one set price! You can get a wagon of books for as little as $25...this is too bizzare! The staff has gotten me hooked in buying BULK!

Alex said...

If you do choose to visit one of Indianapolis' goodwill outlets, be prepared to push your way through the store like a mad house. Many people come everyday to buy tons of items for resale. I know a few people that earn a living doing this. I choose to not go on saturdays for my safety, as some people will jump infront of you to get items out of the "bins" which are changed every 2 hours. Keep in mind the clothes and items are not organized, so it is like a tresure hunt. I used to work for Goodwill Inc, and the Goodwill Outlet recieves items that Goodwill Inc. deems "Salvage". have fun, happy bargain hunting :)

The Greatest Mall on said...

haha I was brought to a weigh n pay outlet store by my mother here in FL and the first time I went I thought everyone was crazy! lol Then my mother begged me to go again and of course I did but this time I actually found stuff!!! I have been hooked ever since! I now not only go for things I am looking for but I find things that I know will sell on ebay and I have made some good money by doing this. I was actually looking for more stores that do this and found your blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Goodwill Outlet store in Dayton is ruining me. I used to shop at regular stores and pay $30 and up for a shirt. I found Goodwill and started buying shirts for $3.79. I visited the outlet store and purchased six shirts for $1.49 each. I recently returned to a Goodwill store but, after paying $1.49, the $3.79 price seemed steep. I have a closet full of great shirts and haven't paid a ton for them. Thanks

p.s. I also bought a car at the Goodwill auto auction.