Thursday, October 4, 2007

Program Review:

GiftMonkey is one of those websites that offers free laptops, desktops, plasma tv's, etc. Your chosen prize is assigned a certain amount of points that you must earn through completing offers and having your friends complete offers.

I thought, ok, I'm going to experiment with this and see how successful I am. First, you the member, must sign up and complete an offer yourself. I decided to sign up with which is a game site. I clicked on the banner from and it brought me to WorldWinner where I signed up and paid $10 to get started. Please note: The only reason I signed up at this site was get my points from GiftMonkey. These types of game websites don't really interest me normally.

I know getting credit for offers can take some time so I was patient. I would check my account every couple of weeks. After two months of checking and the points still not credited to my account, I contacted GiftMonkey.

Here is the communication that took place between myself and GiftMonkey:

-----Original Message-----
From: (email addy removed)
Sent: Tue, September 11, 2007 10:58 pm
Subject: - Have never received my point(s)

I signed up with through your site at least a couple of months ago and I still have not received my point(s). I can't even remember if it was for 1 point or 2 and I don't see the offer listed anymore. Thanks!


RE: Have never received my point(s)‏
Sent: Wed 9/12/07 4:10 PM
To: (email addy removed)

Hello, Unfortunately we have not received any indication of this. We receive a list of offer completions once a day from our network which deals with this advertiser. If you did not receive credit, this is an indication the offer was not completed correctly, completed previously, or completed using fraudulent or invalid information. At this point we can only recommend you try a different offer.


RE: Have never received my point(s)‏
Melanie C. (email addy removed)
Sent: Wed 9/12/07 5:32 PM
Cc: (email addy removed)

Unfortunately, I won't be trying another offer. I was actually doing this as an experiment to see if these things really work and post about my experience on my blog...which I will do. I don't have money to throw away and if your only form of customer service is just checking a list that you receive, well, I don't think that is good customer service. What I was hoping to hear is that you would check with WorldWinner to confirm me signing up...I could provide paypal information. So $10 down the drain...literally...and nothing to show for it. My tone of this email is one of disappointment, not anger so I'm not trying to be mean here. I just don't feel like I'm valuable as a member with this response. I can't see how you would expect me to lose money and points only then the solution is to chance the same thing happening again? But thanks for getting back with me in any event. I do appreciate that. Melanie


RE: Have never received my point(s)‏
Sent: Thu 9/13/07 11:54 AM
To: Melanie C. (email addy removed)

Hello, We are very sorry that you have had a bad experience with using an OfferCentric site. If you did not receive credit for an offer, this is usually an indication the offer was not completed correctly, completed previously, or completed using fraudulent payment methods.


So as you can see by this last response, I'm the one to blame. I'm sure countless people have had great success with the program, but I'm not one of them unfortunately. I feel like I wasted $10 and was blown off about it. My only option was to just try another offer...yeah right. Do they think I'm a glutton for punishment? And in the end, it came down to:

- I didn't complete the offer correctly: Doesn't take a rocket scientist to follow the basic directions of clicking on a banner and signing up.

- I had already completed the offer: Nope I had not. I was not only a GiftMonkey virgin, but a WorldWinner virgin as well.

- I used a fraudulent payment method: Well obviously I didn't becuase WorldWinner got my damn money and I have the Paypal transaction info to prove it.

This program receives double thumbs down

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Joanne Ott said...

Thanks for an honest evaulation. Hopefully it will prevent others from getting burned.

You have done a nice job with your blog here.


Melanie said...

Thank you Joanne. :)

Christian said...

I have had the same experience as you did Melanie, unfortunately. Only difference is that I only got 3 options to choose from on the offer I had to complete to get my point(s), the first one was a web hosting site that cost $6.95(prolly some monthly fee`s as well, and very hard to cancel) and the two others where online casino`s with a minimum deposit of $50. I went for the casino offer, cause then I knew it wouldn`t be any hidden costs.

I completed the offer 16.07.2009, and I have still not gotten my point(s). I sent GiftMonkey a complaint via e-mail after about 1 month, asking them why it took so long for them to verify my deposit. I have still not gotten any responce from them.

So this is a message to anyone of those who are reading this and who is thinking about making an easy ipod, some cash or maybe a new laptop. If it`s to good to be true, then it prolly is. At least by my experience.