Monday, October 1, 2007

Free Phone Number and Voicemail

Netzero offers a service that will give you a free phone number and voicemail. It's pretty cool. I've had mine for over a year and trust me, it has really come in handy. I've used it for online forms and also in real life. Boy howdy, I won't get into details, but suffice it to say when a certain person wanted my phone number one time, I was really glad I decided to give her that one and not my cell phone.

The number you receive is local to your area so it won't be long distance for those that live in your town. You can call and check your messages or just check your email. Everytime someone leaves a message, a notification is emailed right away. You can also listen to the voice message online by logging into your account. It's really fricken neat!

Click here to sign up.


kidseatfree said...

I like that now you can also call that person back, and the number on their caller id will be your NetZero ( number.

Anonymous said...

This service is being discontinued as of December 31, 2007; however, I received a call today and it still worked. I've had my account for quite awhile and really loved it. I will miss it. What a shame to lose something that was so great. Haven't been able to find anything else comparable that will give me a local number.