Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reader Tip: Chicken Broth

This tip was submitted by Jill from Georgia:

When I boil chicken breasts, I reserve the chicken broth in sandwich baggies, put the date on the bags, and freeze them. I think each bag equals 1 or 2 cups (I can't remember). I don't have to ever buy chicken broth for other recipes and it's no sodium (unless Idecide to add a little salt to boost the flavor). Not much of a money saver, but every penny counts! :)

Too right Jill! Every penny does indeed count and being frugal just isn't about saving money, it's about using what you already have. So why go buy chicken broth if you already have it on hand? I'm sure the homemade broth is a lot more bangin than the store bought anyway. Thanks for the yummy tip!

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