Sunday, September 23, 2007

Go Melanie! Go Melanie! It's Your Birthday! It's Your Birthday!

(Originally posted on my old blog "Work Around Your Wallet" on 2/13/07)

And it really is! I was born on Friday the 13th in was a lucky day. I'll just go ahead and tell you I'm 31 so you don't kill any brain cells trying to do mental math. :oP

Many places offer birthday freebies or specials. I received an email this week from Sonic with a printable coupon for a free dessert treat. I also received an email from Red Lobster with a printable coupon for $5 off two adult entrees.

I did a search for "birthday freebies" in Google and here are the results:
Birthday Freebies

Check it out and start getting freebies and deals on your special day. Have fun!

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