Sunday, September 23, 2007


(Originally posted on my old blog "Work Around Your Wallet" on 1/26/07)

Freecycle is the brainchild of Deron Beal in Tuscon, Arizona. He launched the group in May of 2003 with a group of 30-40 people. Today, freecycle has over 2,000,000 members! Now that's success! And what a great idea too. Instead of throwing away perfectly usable items, give these things to someone who could use them and keep them out of the landfills at the same time. It also helps reducing clutter in your home or garage and saves money if you receive something you needed.

The rules are simple: The item must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages. This means you can't offer up your old porn collection or that half full bottle of Jack Daniels. Life stinks sometimes doesn't it? ;0) Spamming is prohibited too...that's a given.

I'm a member of course. It has been a blessing to me and also given me a chance to bless others in need. There are so many generous members of freecycle. If you are a person that likes to help those in need, this is a great group to be a part of. Some may be weary of joining freecycle because they think if it's free, then it must be junk. Not so! There are such a wide variety of items posted and most are in good condition. I've seen baby furniture, clothes for all, pianos, coupons, and toys to name a few. Give it a chance!

If you join, and I hope you do, make sure to read the rules and instructions on how to post. It's very simple to follow and I can't help but be irritated when people don't follow the posting instructions. Lastly, if you want to get free items, then this is one way to do it. However, don't let that be the only reason to sign-up for the program. Look at it as a way for a community to come together and help one another.

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Anonymous said...

I've gotten rid of tons of stuff on freecycle but what I have recieved has been minimal in amount but awesome in Quality. I got a solid wood Bunk Bed, A brand New baby bassinette, a Like new Desk chair and much more!!

Amanda (from Kizoodle)